Request a Sample

Need to test material before you buy? Trying to meet a tight deadline? Not sure what to use for your application? ECMP offers free next day shipment on samples when they’re needed most. 

Sample Tube

A free problem solver kit showcasing various materials from our Eccosorb line. Click on the sample tube to view its contents.

Next Day Samples (Also available with PSA, if applicable)

BSR-1 & BSR- 24” x 4”.010”, .020”, .040”, & .060
CFS-8480100 grams 
FDS4” x 4”.030
FGM-404” x 4”.040
FGM-1254” x 4”.125
GDS4” x 4”.030
HR-10 & HR-2512” x 12”10mm and 25mm
LS-24 thru LS-3012" x 12"1/8" & 1/4"
MCS4" x 4"040"
QR-13AF12" x 12"1/8" & 1/4"
00052" x 2"1/4"
HT00032" x 2"1/4"
LOK2” x 2”1/4"
PP-2/PP-412" x 12"1/8" & 1/4"
SH (All types)12" x 12"1.0"
VY & VY-8125 grams(Requires Customer’s Shipping Account)

One Week Samples (Also available with PSA, if applicable)

DSF4" x 4"Any frequency pending availability
MF (All types)2" x 2"1/4"
MF-500 (All types)2" x 2"1/4"
MFS-117 & 1244" x 4"1/8" & 1/4"
SF4" x 4"Any frequency pending availability
CPE2" x 2"1/4"
FFP0.5 oz. Squeeze Bottle
HIK2" x 2"1/4"
HIK 5002" x 2"1/4"
LSV2" x 2"0.020

Sample Policy Terms

  • Each request must be first reviewed by an Applications Engineer to verify correct sample selection. Please provide as much application information as readily available, i.e. nature of application, operating frequency, performance requirements and potential RFQ quantities.
  • Next day shipment on samples available for shipment within North & South America only
  • Sample request must be received by 3PM EST for next day shipment
  • All samples will ship via ground transportation in North America. For overnight or second day shipping, and for all shipments outside of US, please provide account information and specify delivery requirement
  • One sample per person/application
  • We ask that you use your billing address for database purposes only. You will not be charged for samples unless a different ship method is requested.