Medical Applications

Application #1

MagnetronHere, an electronics manufacturer is designing and building radiation treatment equipment requiring a custom designed absorber to reduce stray EMI.

A magnetron operating at 3 GHz was radiating electromagnetic energy that was interferring with water flow transducers and solid-state pulse sensors. Sensors have a high impedance output which make them far more susceptible to noise than other components.

The solution was a low frequency castable absorber called ECCOSORB® CFS-8480. Designed primarily for casting complex parts for use in the lower microwave frequency range, CFS-8480 was cast to a customers print. This sleeve or “boot” was fitted directly over the magnetron armature to quell the leaky signal.

Application #2

Ultrasonic TransducersECCOSORB® CR-116 castable absorber is used on sensors mounted in ultrasound transducers. Used to reduce cavity resonance, ECCOSORB® CR-116 is applied to dampen stray signals.



Application #3

Cancer ResearchIn the development of thermo acoustic molecular imaging equipment for breast cancer research, a waveguide system with sensitive components required a potting solution involving a low loss dielectric filler. The dielectric material chosen was ECCOSTOCK® CK-6.0, which allowed for closer matching with the dielectric properties of the breast for improved coupling of the RF energy.