Airborne Applications



JLENS ECCOSTOCK® dielectric foams are used in the radiator for a stacked patch antenna.

Apache Longbow

Apache Longbow

ECCOSORB® MF-124 is used as part of a grounding pad in one of the RFIS hybrid assemblies.

E2C/E2D Hawkeye

E2D Hawkeye

Several of the forward, aft, port and starboard antennas are fitted with ECCOSORB® AN/CERSEAL and custom designed ECCOSORB® FLJ microwave absorber to reduce internal reflections from metal parts. Built for wet and/or high humidity environments, these products offer our best weatherproof coating technology. While highly complex and three-dimensional, these parts are manufactured

F-22 Raptor

F-22 Raptor

ECCOSORB® GDS is used in several Electronic Warfare (EW) modules to suppress cavity resonances.

Patriot Missile

Patriot Missile

Special gimble assembly utilizes ECCOSORB® AN/CERSEAL to prevent backscattering within the missile.



Several of the antennas aboard this Multi Mission Seahawk Helicopter utilize both customized ECCOSORB® absorber and ECCOSTOCK® dielectric spacing materials.

Wild Weasel

Wild Weasel

Custom fabricated parts of ECCOSORB® ANW absorber were implemented to reduce antenna coupling. Manufactured by IBM Federal Systems, Lockheed Martin.

P-3 Orion

P3 Orion

Custom configurations of both ECCOSORB® AN and CV are machined and then assembled for use around the wing antennas of the aircraft to prevent backscatter.

EA-6B Prowler and EA-18G Growler

EA-6B Prowler

Custom configurations of ECCOSORB® AN is used around specialized antennas in both of these platforms.