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Emerson & Cuming was founded in 1948 with the sole focus of developing microwave materials for US government military applications. As the pioneer in the industry we understand that reliability and performance are critical to today’s military and aerospace industries. The need to communicate accurate information quickly between satellites, the command center, troops in the field, unmanned vehicles, and other military assets is giving rise to the need for high reliability absorptive and dielectric materials to assure proper operation of missiles, radios and other wireless and RF equipment.

Helping Design Engineers Meet their Deadlines

The military & aerospace industries have made great advances in wireless and antenna technology during the past decade with the urgency of war. Design engineers remain focused on providing high performance and high reliability products while under tight deadlines. Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products supports this effort with fast customer service, top notch technical support, a liberal sample policy, fast turnarounds on quotes and the shortest COTS lead time in the industry. We also offer an online store for your immediate purchases with next day shipping!

Backed by Science & Technology

Design engineers are constantly looking for in depth technical information to qualify new materials. That is why we have partnered with CST so that anyone using this software package will be able to run numerous electrical simulations on many of our absorbers. Nowhere else will you find so much technical information backed by state-of-the-art equipment. Our technical bulletins are packed full of electrical and mechanical data, MIL-Standards, out-gassing information and environmental testing data. If you don't see what you are looking for simply contact an Applications Engineer for more information.


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