ECCOSORB® LS-30/SS3 used in Wireless Electronic Shelf Labeling System

SmartShelfA company specializing in the development of transaction and data warehousing solutions looked to Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products for assistance in isolating EMI at the board level.

A wireless electronic shelf labeling system is composed of a small communication base station, a free standing controller unit that communicates with a store's point-of-sale system, and small wireless receiver (seen at right) in the shape of a price tag.

As one might think with technology such as this changing the price on several hundred retail items can now be done rather quickly with only a few taps on the controller’s keyboard rather than with several employees out on the floor changing tags.

During the initial design of these systems application engineers at Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products worked closely with the RF engineers developing these small base station units. Stray EMI was leaking from one section of the board unit to the next and had to be isolated.

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products recommended a low cost, carbon loaded, polyurethane foam. A special die cut ECCOSORB® LS-30/SS3 part at ½” thick, used as an insertion loss absorber, was chosen and successfully used as an upright partition between the two sections of the board to pass FCC regulations.