ECCOSORB® MCS-SS6M Eliminates Cavity Resonance in Optical Transmitter-Receiver for Large Telecom Company

ECCOSORB® MCS/SS6M at .060" was used in a new optical networking product for a large telecom company. This application involved a new circuit that required packaging an optical transmitter and receiver in the same cavity to help reduce space. Once assembled it was evident that during implementation testing the transmitter was radiating enough EMI inside the cover to degrade the receiver sensitivity by a few dB, causing it to operate outside of their specifications.

Mechanical Engineers had no time to redesign the housing. Partitioning the cavity to separate the transmitter and receiver would take far longer than the one week they had left. Mechanical and electrical engineers alike agreed to seek out the advice of Emerson & Cuming Microwave.

Within a day of being contacted, application engineers at Emerson & Cuming Microwave were able to hand deliver samples to engineers. By the end of the same day the problem was addressed and a material selected. ECCOSORB® MCS/SS6M, a heavily loaded magnetic silicone absorber was chosen based on its high dielectric and high magnetic loss characteristics.

Sales personnel at Emerson & Cuming Microwave then quickened the pace with engineers and members of purchasing to rapidly design and quote custom parts. Once the purchase order was placed, production was immediately scheduled to manufacture and fabricate parts within 2 days!

Overall performance of the ECCOSORB® MCS/SS6M showed sufficient absorption of the radiation inside the cavity. Performance of the receiver's sensitivity returned to its expected operational value and all within a week of being contacted. The telecom company met their deadline.