ECCOSORB® ANW-73/ML Used as Radiation Shield on Aircraft Nosecone for Outdoor Ground Testing

noseconeThe ECCOSORB® ANW-73/ML part at right was constructed to tightly fit over an aircraft nosecone for ground based radar testing. This removable absorbent cover, 56” in height and 26” around, acts as a radiation shield that can be easily slid on and off of the nosecone during testing.

Sales engineers at Emerson & Cuming Microwave worked with the aviation company to determine the right material for the application, review customer-supplied drawings and quickly provide a quotation.

ECCOSORB® ANW-73/ML is a 1.0 centimeter thick layered polyurethane foam microwave absorber wrapped with a neoprene-coated fabric. For optimal performance, the backside of the ANW should be mounted intimately to a metal surface. If one is not available, a metal backing (ML) can be supplied for you.