ECCOSTOCK® HiK K=11 used in Development of Circular Polarized, Patch Antenna for new RFID System

An RFID manufacturer recently came to Emerson & Cuming Microwave to help them develop a next generation system using Emerson & Cuming Microwave’s ECCOSTOCK® HiK K=11 product.

In this application, the RF transmitter/receiver portion of the system required a compact circular polarized, patch antenna to operate from 905 MHz to 920 MHz with required gain of 6 dB. Overall dimensions will be finalized once testing and calculations have been completed.

ECCOSTOCK® HiK is a dielectric material with controlled dielectrics ranging from 3 through 15 and loss characteristics of <0.002. For high temperatures and dielectric constants greater than 15, ECCOSTOCK® HiK500F is available with dielectric constants ranging from 3 through 30 with similar loss properties. For assistance in selecting the proper dielectric material for your application, contact a sales and applications engineer.