Path Loss Simulations using ECCOSORB® AN-77

Path Loss SimulationsWith the newly allocated U-NII bands (Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure), which have no FCC licensing requirements antenna manufacturers are developing new methods for point-to-point communications. In this application, Proxim Wireless Networks manufactures a product line called “Stratum”, which delivers both IP/Ethernet and T1 connectivity at 20 and 100 Mbps.

The challenge given to Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products was how to simulate the path loss between two flat panel antennas (one for each of the two radios which make up a radio link) in a lab environment allowing the customer to perform lab testing, troubleshoot and pre-configure the hardware.

It was recommended that for this simulation that two sheets of ECCOSORB® AN-77 be sandwiched together (back to back) and placed between the two flat panel antennas of a Stratum ODU (out-door unit).

Note: This insertion loss application is a non-traditional use of ECCOSORB® AN-77.
ECCOSORB® AN-77 is designed for use as a free-space absorber.