Custom Products

Standard products under the Eccosorb®, Eccostock®, Eccoshield® and Eccopad® product lines have proven to be popular solutions in electromagnetic energy control. Sometimes a material is needed which doesn't quite fit the standard product categories.

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products has the ability to engineer materials to specific drawings and formulate materials with specific electromagnetic properties for the control of RF/microwave energy. Materials with custom features can be used to cost effectively absorb, channel, reflect or enhance electromagnetic energy.

Our first in class technical department can quickly modify our standard product line to fit your application. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Custom Dielectrics:

• Custom Formulation with Dk from 1.04-30 & tanĂ° as low as .0004
• Prototyping
• Full Scale Manufacturing
• Material Characterization

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Custom Absorbers

• Magnetic Loss
• Dielectric Loss
• High Permeability
• Complex Electrical Parameters

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Custom Capabilities:

• Die Cutting
• Kiss Cutting
• Water Jet Cutting
• Precision Machining
• Mold-In-Place Technology
• Injection Molding

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