Success Stories

Millimeter Wave

ECCOSORB® MF-117 used in Waveguide Termination for 84-116 GHz Receiver Development Program
ECCOSORB® BSR-1/SS6M used as 140 GHz Waveguide Flange in ALMA Program


Other Applications


DaimlerChrysler qualifies ECCOSORB® GDS
Other Applications


ECCOSORB® ANW-73/ML Used as Radiation Shield on Aircraft Nosecone for Outdoor Ground Testing
ECCOSORB® MCS/SS6M used in US Army HSTAMIDS: Handheld Standoff Mine Detection System
ECCOSORB® LS-26/CERSEAL/SS3 used in Obstacle Awareness Radar System
ECCOSHIELD VY and VY-81 are used to seal military shelters from EMI
Other Applications


ECCOSORB® MCS/SS6M Eliminates Cavity Resonance in Optical Transmitter/Receiver
ECCOSORB® Coating 300 Solves Interference/Compliance Problem for Leading Optical Networking Manufacturer


ECCOSTOCK® HiK K=11 used in Development of Circular Polarized, Patch Antenna for new RFID System
ECCOSORB® LS-30/SS3 used in Wireless Electronic Shelf Labeling System


Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) on AURA Spacecraft ECCOSORB® BSR-1/SS6M (.010' & .020')
Other Applications


ECCOSORB MCS, MF, MFS used in Ground Based Satcom
ECCOSORB® SF tuned to reduce reflections inside a ground based thermal vacuum chamber.


Path Loss Simulations using ECCOSORB® AN-77 For Broadband Wireless Transport Testing in the U-NII Bands
Staking Lumped Low-Pass Band Filters With ECCOSTOCK® FPH


ECCOSORB MCS/SS6M Quells Oscillations in Spectrum Analyzer
ECCOSTOCK FFP used in Potting Solenoid Inductors