Technical Notes

Theoretical Notes

Energy Propagation in Dielectric and Magnetic Materials: Theoretical Notes, Definitions and Calculations
ECCOSORB®: Electromagnetic Principles and Applications

Absorber Principles

Basic principle of the specular behavior of electromagnetic waves
¼ wavelength absorber
Basic principle of ¼ wavelength absorber
Graded absorber
Basic principle of a graded absorber
Surface Current
Basic principle of the non-specular behavior of waves
Mode Absorption
Basic Principle of Cavity resonance
3 Dimensional representation of effect on cavity resonance fields by introduction of absorber

Test Descriptions

NRL Arch Reflectivity Measurement
Insertion Loss Measurement


A numerical comparison of the reflectivity of thick-sheet and thin-foil hollow pyramidal absorbers
Development and Capabilities of Special Absorbers for High-Power Applications
Modeling and Optimization of Advanced Multilayered Absorbers
Anechoic Chamber Measurement Improvement-Microwave Journal
Baseline Issues in an Airborne 650 GHz Radiometer
Cavity Resonance Damping-IEEE Magazine, June 2005
Dampening Cavity Resonance Using Absorber Material- RF Design, May 2004
Improving Signal Integrity in Circuit Boards by Incorporating Absorbing Materials
Microwave Nondestructive Testing of Composite Materials using Free-Space Microwave Measurement Techniques