XCELL is Freeware Software that can be used to calculate what is listed below. Click the link at the right to download this executable file.


XCELLTraffic Image

  • Determine the number of channels, given the offered traffic and the required grade of service.
  • Determine the grade of service, given the offered traffic and the number of channels.
  • Determine the allowable offered traffic, given the required grade of service and the number of channels.
  • Calculations are available for Erlang B & Erlang CBHT unit : Erlang or CCS


XCELL Cable Image

  • Determine the cable loss, given the length, the frequency and the type of cable.
  • Frequency range calculation from 100MHz to 2GHz
  • Unit : Meter or Feet


XCELL Frequency Image

  • Determine the frequency of channel, given the number of channel. Calculations are available for GSM900, GSM1800, EGSM900, PCS1900 and AMPS cellular standards.


XCELL Calculator Image

  • Enchanced calculator
  • Field Strength units conversion : dBd, dBi, dBm, Watt, Volt, dBV, dBuV
  • other units convertion :vswr - return loss, meter - feet,frequency - wave length, Erlang - CCS
  • Antenna factor


XCELL Coordinates Image

  • Convert degree from/to Decimal degree
  • Convert Decimal degree from/to UTM (WGS84)

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