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Attenuator Calculator Basic Cascade Calculator Coplanar Waveguide Calculator
Dual Dielectric Coax Calculator ERP & EIRP Calculator Frequency Wavelength Calculator
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VSWR Calculator Periodic Table of Elements
Electromagnetic Waves - Interactive
Wave Propogation
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
Parallel Plate Waveguide
Rectangular Waveguide
Symmetric Dielectric Waveguide
Linear Antennas - Interactive
Simple Far-Field Analysis
Linear Dipole Antenna
Two Antenna Array
N-Antenna Array
Detailed Analysis
Detailed Analysis of Linear Antenna
Detailed Analysis of Two Array Antenna
Signal Integrity - Interactive
Transients in Terminated Transmission Lines (TL)
Transmission Line With Capacitive Load
Transmission Line With RC Load
Transmission Line With Resistive Load
Transmission Line With Inductive Load
Transmission Line With RL Load
Transient in Lossy Transmission Line
Transients in Terminated Transmission Lines (TL)
TL with Capacitive Discontinuity
TL with Inductive Discontinuity
Multiple Capacitive Discontinuity
Cross-Talk Between TL's
Cross-Talk Between TL-1
Cross-Talk Between TL-2
Transmission Lines - Interactive
Interactive Smith Chart
Lossless Line
General Lossy Line
Narrow-band Impedance Matching
Single Stub Matching
Double Stub Matching
Series Stub Matching
Quarter Wavelength Transformer
L-Network Matching
General Impedance Transformer
Broadband Impedance Matching
Broadband Multisection Transformers
Broadband Matching with Taper Lines
Transmission Line Properties
Transmission Line Impedance
Transmission Line Input Impedance
Standing Wave Patterns (input: Load)
Standing Wave Patterns (input: VSWR)
Lossless Line with 3 Selectable Stubs
Lossless Line with 3 Shunt Reactances
General Lossy Line (wide plots)
Practical Transmission Lines
Two Wire Transmission Line
Coaxial Cable
Stub Line Analysis
Short Circuited Stub
Open Circuited Stub
Standard Frequency Band Designations
Band Characteristic Frequency GHz Wavelength
HF .003 - .03 10 -100 m
VHF .03 - .3 1 - 10 m
UHF .3 - 1 .3 - 1 m
L 1 - 2 150 - 300 mm
S 2 - 4 75 - 150 mm
C 4 - 8 37.5 - 75 mm
X 8 -12 25 - 37.5 mm
Ku 12 - 18 17 .5 - 25 mm
K 18 - 27 11 - 17.5 mm
Ka 27 - 40 7.5 - 11 mm
Millimeter 40 - 300 1 - 7.5 mm

Ohm's Law Calculator

You must enter 2 values and then select the units desired for the output before clicking the "Calculate" button to determine the unknown values.
Voltage millivolts volts kilovolts megavolts
Current milliamps amps kiloamps megaamps
Resistance milliohms ohms kilohms megaohms
Power milliwatts watts kilowatts megawatts


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